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Information from Antigua

Redesigning a musical instrument is a daunting and delicate challenge. Peter Ponzol has been designing saxophones for more than three decades, in addition to being a well-traveled and experienced player. Very few people have Peter's understanding of the design principles of the instrument, and the Antigua Pro-One is the ultimate expression of his concepts. As Peter says, "This collaboration finally gets a lifetime of ideas out of my head and into reality. "

Hybrid rolled tone holes
Rolled tone holes for the bell keys and straight drawn tone holes in all other areas provide a solid core to the sound with balanced resistance for the player.

Patent pending trident key arms
These revolutionary new key arms add strength and stability, providing lightning quick response to the keys.


Key : Eb
Neck : Custom Ponzol-design (hand made)
Neck Material : Vintage Reserve™ Alloy
Body Material : Vintage Reserve™ Alloy
Bell : Vintage Reserve™ Alloy; One-piece
Key Material : Yellow Brass
Key Touches : Mother of pearl
Finish : Vintage Gold lacquer
Tone Holes : Hybrid – Low Bb, B and C Rolled; all others Drawn
Auxiliary Keys : Front F; High F# key
Mouthpiece : Custom-matched hard rubber
Mouthpiece Cap : Yellow brass; Gold lacquer
Ligature : Yellow brass; Gold lacquer
Spring Type : German Blue steel needle
Pad Type : Waterproof Italian leather
Bell Decoration : Hand engraved
Thumb Hook : Adjustable / Brass
Pivot Screw : Parabolic tip design with head
Mounting : Ribbed and flanged

Antigua AS6200 Alto Saxophone