Acoustic and Electric Guitar

Bass, Ukulele, Drums.

$109 per month.

‚Äč1/2 hour private lesson once a week

   My name is Brian Earl Haines and I started Canby Music in 2008. After years of working in the music industry, both behind a desk and as a performer, I decided to open a music store in my hometown as a way to stay in music AND settle down to raise a family.

   I have a degree in Music Business from Musician's Institute in Hollywood, California. I also worked there for a few years at ARK 21 Records and Melodica Music Marketing/Sage Music Distribution. However, the big city life was not for me and I moved back home where I worked at Burnside Music Distribution, while also establishing myself as a performer.

   A short 6 months later I was performing enough to quit my desk job and went on to perform an average of 200 gigs per year in 15 states. Everything from fairs, rodeos and festivals to house band night club gigs, private parties and weddings. Local gigs I booked myself, but the majority was through Liz Gregory Talent in Nashville, Tennessee.


   I have, on average, 50 students a week ranging from never playing an instrument before, to very advanced and everywhere in between. My lessons are not a "one-size fits all". Every student's lessons are customized to their level and goals. I focus on the type of music or style that YOU want to do.

Common goals from students are:

Learn the basics (note reading, simple chords and strumming, basic drum beats, tuning your instrument)

Play songs (sit around the campfire, join church band, play at open mics)

Improvise (understanding music theory, song structure, fills)

Ear training (learning a song by ear)

Fun new hobby (self-explanatory)